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Our approach to video production is comprehensive, creative, and focused on your company's increasing needs. Not only do we provide traditional video services such as shooting and editing, but we also have expert-level knowledge and experience with advanced skills such as color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, animation, and pro sound design. Browse our full suite of services below and learn how we can help grow your business. 

Pre-Production and creative

We work with your ideas & goals to translate and expound upon them and make your vision a reality. Additionally we have a wide variety of resources and experience to create original content and ideas based off of your goals and messaging needs. Our services include creative brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting, locations scouting, casting, and more.

Design and Production

 We specialize in creating demo videos for cannabis products, animated info-graphics, advertisements, event highlight videos, motion graphic logos and training videos for dispensaries, grows, & processing facilities. We offer everything from traditional video shooting & editing, to highly advanced custom projects, and everything in between. We even offer green-screen services! We are a one-stop shop for all of your cannabis related video needs.


Mind Drop Studios has a skilled audio production team that provides high quality on-location recording, custom music tracks, and voice-overs. Our team also specializes in audio touch-up and mixing. Using state of the art audio software we can take existing audio recordings and remove unwanted hiss and background noise, giving us the ability to boost volume and improve clarity. 


Using the latest advanced editing techniques, we can take any footage and enhance it, adjust it, and add custom graphics & transitions to dramatically increase the production value of your project. We provide advanced color correction, lighting adjustment, visual effects, dynamic titles, and conversion services. Adding customized enhancements will give your video that special touch, and take your project to the next level.