Why choose Mind Drop Studios?

The Power of Video

Video is the most engaging advertising platform available, allowing businesses to show dynamic interactions and convey messages that are often lost in other mediums. We apply techniques from other markets that have previously proven successful, as well as incorporate new industry-specific methods to grow your business through video production.


Video is an ideal tool for legitimizing every aspect of the cannabis industry. Through market research, immersion in the field, and documentation of personal and professional perspectives of the industry, we promote a positive image and alleviate the common “pain-points” of cannabis businesses.

Experienced & Connected

Through our involvement with dozens of cannabis start-ups at CanopyBoulder, we are on the cutting-edge of ever-changing procedures, laws, and regulations in the industry. Because of our extensive experience in the hemp and cannabis industries, we provide superior video services and targeted responses to client needs. Because of this, Mind Drop Studios is uniquely positioned as the number one resource for cannabis related video production in Colorado and beyond.


Our main goal at Mind Drop is to give growing canna-businesses and professionals top quality video services at a cost that reflects their needs. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to execute even the most complex of video projects, yet we are streamlined enough to also provide basic services for those with simpler needs. 

Build A Community

By choosing a cannabis-specific video production company you are participating in a growing community. Our long-standing engagement and support of this industry demonstrates our commitment to building a positive and supportive network of cannabis professionals. By partnering with other start ups, young companies, and professionals, we can form relationships and path to mutual growth and success.